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Vision aid overseas



I came across this website today after listening to morning TV.


It seems a practical, cheap way of bringing quality of life to a nation of people who simply need a pair of glasses, to read, to write and to thread a needle and allow them to keep working to earn money for their families.

The idea is to return old specs to an optician who participates in this programme.  It will make a huge difference to quality to a life and may bring a whole family out of extreme poverty by allowing a breadwinner to work again.

Often the simplest ideas are the best.


A wish


I’ve just read this.

Save chicken wish-bones, dry them, paint them, put glitter on them and use them as a good luck token when wrapping up presents.

Not sure what I think about that!

Shades of Blue Peter!

Life’s maybe a bit short to spend time drying and painting chicken bones?

But then maybe if you think deep thoughts while your doing it……….

On balance, I like the idea.