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My linen cupboard


Everyone has their weakness.

Everyone has something they have always wanted.

To many, my yearning will seem strange.

Very strange.

A linen cupboard – full of vintage linen and lace all beautifully laundered.

Now why have I wanted this for longer than I can remember? It surely has to be because I would love my life to be organised, beautiful, clean, tidy and cared for. Never in my wildest dreams will I ever achieve this, so the linen cupboard is a kind of symbolism. Reminding me of my deficiencies but also hope in a strange way.

Do you know what?

I have just indulged myself in this fantasy and ordered a beautiful linen cupboard from France.

It’s modern but looks old.

It’ll take three months to make.

This is an example of pure, expensive, self – indulgence.

But for me, worth every penny.

I can’t wait.





The other “must” thing for me while in “messy mode” is a really comfortable fireside chair beside a “live” flame. An open coal or log fire would be nice, but while in “messy mode” there is no time to grapple with coaxing a fire to light every morning and feeding it with fuel. So it has to be a gas fire with “real flames” – almost the same thing.

A little table beside the fire to hold the papers I’m working on. All the papers arranged neatly. And a tiny vase of fresh flowers on the table.

And one of these little lap trays attached to a cushion for the laptop. Another as a tray to eat from.

And that little corner is kept dusted and tidy.

So two corners of maintenance only, while the rest of the house goes to pot!

Eating – well, loads of fresh fruit, cups of tea, cold meats, chicken legs. Very little cooking.

And chocolate, of course. Lots of chocolate.

Oh, and the loo is cleaned daily – and the bathroom sink every couple of days.

So, with these little patches of organisation amid mayhem I can go into a state of hibernation for weeks.

Flowers at the bedside



Just remembered I took a photo of the bedside table last time I was in messy mode.

It was the only dusted part of the house at that time!

Coping with the messy times



For me, one of the ways of coping with the messy times in life, is to have two beautiful, tidy corners. Just two.

The first of these is bed. The windows can be dirty, clothes strewn on the floor, magazines and books can fall in a pile off the bed, wardrobe doors can be half open, drawers can be half shut, a layer of dust everywhere, but the bed itself has to be pristine and comfortable. The path from the side of the bed to the door must be clear and tidy and the bedside table needs to be dusted and have a tiny posy of fresh flowers on it – even just a couple of daisies will do.

I indulge in beautiful bed linen. Old vintage fine linen sheets and pillow slips that iron with a buttery feel I can’t put into words. Nothing is as cool as real linen. They cost a fortune new, but can be picked up in auction rooms for a song if you know where to look. And of course, fine, fine Egyptian cotton. And even when in messy mode I iron all my bed linen – truly.

I bid for old pure linen in auction rooms when I’m not in messy mode.

I buy the finest, smoothest Egyptian cotton sheets. Nothing else.

And I have lots and lots of pillows to prop me up. Because sometimes my bed, when I’m in messy mode, becomes an office.

And I have beautifully laundered soft comfortable nightdresses to wear in this haven of perfection while I’m in messy mode. Usually bought on the internet from the link below.


That is secret of the night for me, until the sun shines again.

PS This is not my bed, needless to say.  It is a beach bed.  Am I the only person in the world that has never heard of a beach bed before?

The benefits of a mess


When I enter a house that is an absolute mess, I think of three things.

Far too busy combining work with a plethora of demanding life events.

Or a combination of all three. I never think of sloth, although doubtless that might be a factor sometimes.

It might too, be the house of a perfectionist. Where a mess is more acceptable than mediocrity.

Now, I can live in the most deplorable mess. And have done. In fact I am in a bit of a mess just now. I tell my children they are lucky to have a mother that can live in a mess. I tell them that this is a gift they should cultivate too, because at times it is a way to survive some of the awful things life may throw at them. Living in a mess can give time for rest and freedom.

It also teaches a lot about friends.

Some of them melt away from a really awful mess.

And that makes life interesting.

Removing mildew from grout



It’s not easy to keep the grout on bathroom tiles free from mildew.

All you need to restore tiles to near perfect condition:

A scrubbing brush
Bathroom cleaner
White vinegar
Paper towels


A Second Blog




I started writing this blog “Morning, Noon and Night” a few months ago. Every now and then I included recipes from very old cookery books that have been lying around our house for as long as I can remember. They are faded and tatty and have been handed down from generation to generation.

Sometimes, hidden among the pages are old handwritten recipes and cuttings from magazines.

I decided I would record some of these old recipes by gradually posting them on a second blog site. I’ve started off with some of the most basic. Some of the old cookery books really started from scratch in a way that is seldom done today. So, the simplest old recipes will appear first.


There will probably be some scattered household hints too.

The photographs are a bit of an assortment really. They are often unrelated to the posting but rather a reminiscence of the way things used to be.