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Journey by Starlight



This award winning blog looks fascinating.

“Journey by Starlight” is the untold story of Albert Einstein’s imaginary journey across the universe.

“This is the story of a great journey that started with a great thought. One day in 1895 a boy looked into a mirror and wondered what the universe would look like if he could travel on a beam of light. That sixteen year old boy was Albert Einstein and that one thought started him on the road to discover his Theory of Relativity.”



The meaning of wiki



When I first discovered Wikipedia I realised I had encountered something new and exciting. However I never knew where the “wiki” part came from.

Apparently “wiki” is a Hawaiian word which means “hurry quick.” So it’s an encyclopedia that can be updated quickly and easily by readers.

I wonder who first thought of this?




EINSTEIN, one of the greatest scientists was a dreamer and useless at school.

CHURCHILL, one of the greatest leaders and orators was useless at school.

EDISON, one of the greatest inventors was useless at school.

They just had alternative learning styles. They did things their way.

Nothing wrong with that.

Just as well they did.