Morning, noon and night

Three random things I learned, or remembered, today

Fiori di Capri



I ordered some perfume from “Carthusia” in Capri and it arrived today. Cologne rather than perfume. One was “Fiori di Capri” and he other “Aria di Capri.”


Well, for some time I’ve felt I had a fragrance sensitivity which made me sneeze, caused puffy eyes and a very mild wheeze. Since I’ve never been asthmatic before, it makes me wonder how a truly asthmatic patient might respond to such a perfume sensitivity.

I never wear perfume now and miss it!

Many years ago I bought some “Fiori di Capri” while on holiday on the island and quite liked it. I realise now that this fragrance and “Aria di Capri” are the two that are made to the original monks’ recipe from centuries ago. Assuming this is the case, I reckoned they might be more chemical free than modern perfumes and be less likely to cause symptoms.

So, I’m trying them out to see.


Below is a link to the Carthusia Website (in Italian).



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