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Dropped Scones



I came across a local parish recipe collection. The women of the parish submitted recipes and the book was sold to raise funds for church roof repairs.

This little book probably dates from the late 1950’s or early 60’s.

There was a recipe for dropped scones (Scottish pancakes) from a 95 year old. I can remember her grand-daughter.

She was the only contributor whose age appeared after her name. This old lady would be over 150 years old if alive today.



4oz self raising flour
1 and 1/2 oz castor sugar
1/2 oz butter
1 small teaspoon syrup
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
(it is emphasized that all the teaspoons should be small)
1 egg beaten with about half a cup of milk according to the size of the egg.


Mix dry ingredients in a basin.
Melt butter and syrup in a pan and add to dry ingredients with the egg and milk.
Mix to a smooth batter, and bake in a fairly hot greased girdle. (I thought it was griddle!)


Afternoon tea – just dreaming



I’ve just been thinking a bit about afternoon tea.

Pure wonderful self-indulgence.

When there is not much else to do.

Imagine if, every afternoon, a 3 layered plate-stand of tiny sandwiches and home baking, china cups, saucers and plates, and a pot of steaming hot tea under a tea cosy appeared.

That is what life used to be like.

I think, some day, I’m going to have “real” afternoon tea one day a month. Dainty sandwiches, home baked scones and little cakes. Vintage linen tablecloths and napkins, little vases of fresh flowers from the garden, sugar cubes with tongs, and a selection of all the very best teas. All prepared beautifully by me. And I’ll invite just one friend at a time, so we can gossip.

It will become my gimmick.

A kind of eccentricity.

Once a month

Or maybe once a fortnight.

When I eventually retire from this job that I do that has devoured most of my life!

Afternoon tea at The Landmark, London



I was just looking up how to make a really good cup of afternoon tea in an old cookery book for my new “Kitchen Witch” blog, and I remembered “The Landmark Hotel” in London. This is real afternoon tea! A pleasurable experience in a peaceful atmosphere away from the realities of everyday life (my kind of everyday life, anyway).

I don’t go to London often, but when I’m there try to fit in an afternoon visit of pure self indulgence.

Go by yourself, even. Take a magazine, pretend you’re reading and watch another world go by!

It’s very expensive by Scottish standards. But you’re worth it.