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“The maiden” three mummified Inca children



In September, the New York Times published an article on three Inca children mummified for over 500 years by natural conditions prevailing in the mountains of Argentina. Their frozen bodies were almost completely intact and are regarded as “the best preserved bodies ever found”. They look as if they are asleep rather than dead.

It is a sad story which leaves a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, because these children did not die naturally but were healthy children sacrificed for the sake of a religious ritual.


Cats and infection control



Unfortunately, one of the theories believed at the time was that The Black Death was being spread by cats.

Thousands of cats were put down as a consequence.

But it was rats that were spreading plague. The households that kept their cats were less affected.

A peaceful death


last night our old, well loved family dog died peacefully during the night.

She was happy until the day before.

That is a good way for a dog to die.

I need some time to be sad.