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My linen cupboard


Everyone has their weakness.

Everyone has something they have always wanted.

To many, my yearning will seem strange.

Very strange.

A linen cupboard – full of vintage linen and lace all beautifully laundered.

Now why have I wanted this for longer than I can remember? It surely has to be because I would love my life to be organised, beautiful, clean, tidy and cared for. Never in my wildest dreams will I ever achieve this, so the linen cupboard is a kind of symbolism. Reminding me of my deficiencies but also hope in a strange way.

Do you know what?

I have just indulged myself in this fantasy and ordered a beautiful linen cupboard from France.

It’s modern but looks old.

It’ll take three months to make.

This is an example of pure, expensive, self – indulgence.

But for me, worth every penny.

I can’t wait.