Morning, noon and night

Three random things I learned, or remembered, today




If you don’t believe in magic, then you have to believe in the power of coincidence.

Here is a tiny, tiny, tiny, coincidence.

On Sunday, I mentioned I had bought my daughter the Folio edition of “The Blue Fairy Book.” Funnily enough the illustration on the inside cover was very familiar to me. I used it a couple of weeks ago for a Powerpoint presentation. I knew it was from a Folio Society book but I didn’t know which one.

Yes, it was a tiny, tiny, tiny coincidence.

I bought the book partly because of it.

My daughter was well pleased. She informed me that we had come across an original first edition of one of the “Fairy Books” when we visited a book show a couple of years ago and it cost thousands of pounds. I had forgotten about that but eventually managed to retrieve the memory of the event from the depths of my brain.

I had a search in Abe books and, sure enough, there was an original first edition of the Blue Fairy Book selling for a lot of money. A lot.

Now, that is a “three tiny” coincidence. When I bought this book , there was another coincidence – a “two tiny” one this time. But that can wait till noon.


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