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CARTHUSIA Perfume from Capri



This is the little perfume shop in one of the tiny streets on the island of Capri. I remember bringing one of their perfumes home with me. It was called Fiori di Capri and I loved it at the time. It was used up a long time ago.

And here is the small factory.


Below is a link to the Carthusia Website (in Italian).




  PAULINE wrote @


Whilst in Capril some time ago, I purchased the perfume ‘CAPRI NIGHT’ . It was really beautiful. do you know where I could purchase this perfume, please?

Pauline Kane

  Kim wrote @

Oh my gosh! I got Capri Night a few years ago there, too, and want more… let me know if you find it!!!

  Brian Wells wrote @

Whilst on holiday in Sorrento we purchased 50ml Numero Uno from Carthusia. Where can we purchase more of this.

Thank you

  Lori Miles wrote @

Hello Pauline,

I also love Capri Night and was purchasing it when I was in Capri. I do know that it can be purchased from a web site named “Lucky Scent” and I bwlieve the email address is http://www.luckyscent(s).com.

I hope this helps.

Lori MIles

  Lesley Welbourne wrote @

I was in Capri in August 2008 and bought some perfume from Cartusia but i understood that it is not available anywhere else. If I am wrong I apologize

  Julia wrote @

Hello fellow Capri enthusiasts! I was in Capri in May 2008 and purchased Fiori di Capri perfume as well. Every time I smell it on my wrist, it takes me back to the island – I suspect many of you feel the same about the fragrances you purchased. Carthusia Profumi and their line of scents is truly magical!

I just found a website based out of Florida USA that sells Carthusia perfume online for $110 USD per bottle – they carry quite a few of the Carthusia scents. Here’s the link:–Carthusia–carthusiamain?campaign=google&kw=“carthusia”

All the best,
Julia from Canada

  Maddie from Florida wrote @

where can I purchase Capri Cetrella eau de toilette?

  Maddie from Florida wrote @

I love Capri Cetrella Eau De Toilette I purchased while in Capri – anyone know where I can purchase more?

  KITTYDOVE wrote @


  Brenda wrote @

I am also trying to find Capri Cetrella Eau de Toilette. Does anyone know if this can be found online? I checked ebay and many other websites, and Carthusia Capri Eue De Toilette keeps coming up but no Cetrella 😦 The bottle and name is different, so I am pretty sure it’s not the same as Cetrella. It seems that I may have to go back to Capri to get it : ) Thank you!

  Richard de Luchi wrote @

Fortnum and Masons in Piccadilly, London, sell Carthusia perfumes.

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